Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day Off To Do List

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To be honest I always think of a million things I need to do, and then when the time comes I can't remember what any of them are. I blame my preggo brain. Today is my last day off for at least a week, and I wanted to do more than just sleep (I did that yesterday).

1. Do my Prenatal Yoga

2. Finish the laundry

3. Put away laundry

4. Clean out my closet!!

5. Do my nails

6. Transfer ideas from one sketchbook to another. Duo thought it would be cool to pee on my sketchbook when I wouldn't let him outside to flirt with poodles. 

7. Try out the paint samples in the nursery. (I'll share my nursery inspiration soon!)

8. Finish my character study for my children's book.

9. Start working on some of the handmade Christmas gift ideas I have (never too early to start).

I doubt I will get to all of them today, but maybe this little list will help me to remember for next time I have some free time. 

What's on your to do list for today?

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Angie Bailey said...

Excellent To-Do list, missy! Mine is: Do laundry, clean and take out the garbage, clean bathroom, clean our bedding, work on my disability paperwork and call low income apartments.

I'm doing laundry, I have done cleaning and I have taken out some garbage. The bathroom isn't totally clean, but I did clean the toilet, so it's a start.

Everything else was bypassed. Okay, okay: I forgot. My whole To Do list is RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME pinned on my message board. I have no excuse. :P

However! Our new chairs came in, so Jen and I had to hustle and break apart our futon to throw away, move all of that downstairs and outside - in the heat - and clean everything around the area so it's been a busy day. And I still ain't stoppin'. ;)

I find I work better when I take a break. Clean, clean, clean. Stop, have coffee, read a magazine, do my blog stuff (reading and writing) than picking up where I left off.