Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dolce Vita giveaway!

I love love giveaways! I have never won one, but I like them all the same. Someday I will do one on here...fingers crossed. Head over to Dolce Vita and enter!
I really liked this giveaway b/c you included your fav song lyrics. Mine was a song from The Dissociatives. "When paintings seem like bargains, but they're nothing but wallpaper. I'm plagued by small town fascists like a rash on my skin." It was hard for me to pick one, but that was what was stuck in my head. Do you have any lyrics stuck in your head? I usually have the Ponyo theme song or this song from Fruits Basket stuck in my live in a silly world...

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Micaela said...

THANK YOU for blogging about my giveaway :) make sure and post an extra comment reminding me that you did so i can happily enter your name in twice ;)

i love lyrics... just like a quote, it fits in that perfect place in your heart.

your lyrics i liked! i like "like a rash on my skin"-- so much emotion.

i generally like lyrics like that over the sappy ones :) but i looove coldplay.

another one i like is

"she wears my love like a see through dress"