Thursday, April 1, 2010

These Boots Were Made for Walken

So today is the first day that I have not remembered what I dreamt. I think it's because I had to be at work early and I was dead tired. But I hope I have a dream like this tonight!
I've never played Guitar Hero, but it looks pretty fun from this photo.
My lil sis has some pugs, they just blow snot all over you.
This is so amazing....
I have cupcakes on the brain. I've never seen a cupcake with cotton candy, but I'm sure its like heaven.
Ps I heart the smiths and I need to up my vinyl collection from 2 and find a record player.
yay for amazing hairs....
this kid who works for me loves lady gaga, he can do all the dances lol...these cracked me up!
panda cute GO!
my fav crazy person of fun!
dear orla tote, please be mine.....

Back to address labels and such...I'm enjoying a Hornsby's and snoring pups....I hope I have dreams of cupcakes...


Lindsay said...

ohhh panda cuteness!!! I love love those cupcakes too they are so cute!
Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Brooke Ann Dove said...

I want an orla tote too. I need The Smiths on may be a necessity.