Thursday, April 15, 2010

Slouchy Cats Drink Coffee

Enjoying some Lady Grey tea and some smelly puppies this It's been super rainy and I wish I could order those rainboots I saw in the Urban Outfitters catalog....sigh...I need some rainboots, it rains here more than I thought it would.

I've been working on homework, and figuring out this certification stuff so I can apply for a student teaching position or apply for a teaching job. It's lots of work and I'm such a procrastinator.

Clint is out on tour with his band, they were in Denver, CO last night. Not sure where they are headed today? He said he saw Capt. Malcom Reynolds from the movie Serenity last night, or someone who looks like him I guess? We've been watching Firefly on Netflix lol, so maybe he was just having withdrawls?

I painted a little bit last night to make a little house warming present for my friend Calleycakes. She just moved into a house full of boys, but she's excited she's not homeless.

I am still in my pj's, but I have a long day of work, so I'll have to get dressed eventually. I picked up some inspiring pics from weheartit and tumbler today....

Books, Floral, and cardigans oh my!
I love that nail polish and I could use a latte....I'll have to round up some
Super cute! I have coffee on the brain....I love beanies, especially slouchy ones...
The scarf of awesomeness! I need to make me one of those!
How cute is she? That hat rocks!
I just like cowboy boots. Maybe I'll wear my black ones today?
I need to find this girls blog or flickr, I've seen her on several tumblers and she's cute as a button. Ps I heart cats.
I love everything about this picture....Im ready for spring. This rain should help some flowers grow!
This photo cracks me up, but it is awesome!
Yay for reading! I love to read!
I like the different textures in this pic...
Slouchy beanies and comfy clothes are always the way to go! I need that beanie!
I am loving tights and slouchy beanies obviously lol what are you loving right now?


Jessica said...

FYI: i think OPI has that nail polish color. I saw it at Ulta.

kiki said...

I never get over there, but I think I need to make an effort to hit up ulta! thanks!

Lindsay said...

ohhh Essie has the nail polish color, I love mine, it's called Mint Candy Apple!! sooo pretty!!! Love all the pretty pics you posted!!