Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Massive Taco Tuesday To Do List

Today I had so much I wanted to do, but didn't. I did finish another assignment and I am doing some laundry! So tiny accomplishment there! Clint is on his way home from Phoenix. The band cut the tour short b/c there was another fire at his parents house. No one was hurt or anything but they have smoke damage again, and are waiting on the verdict from the Fire Marshall.

I wish I had a record player...I would be outside doing this...
I need to check out the bike I found in my garage and then do some of this...
I've been drinking tea all day, but I wouldn't mind a cupcake...
When I was little in the town I'm from there used to be hot air balloon races and kite flying...I miss those days...
I want to make crowns for my puppies, but they would just eat them...but isn't it sweet?
Massive Taco Tuesday To Do List:

1. more homework.
2. study for certification test
3. more laundry
4. brand ambassadors project (for work, yes even work gives me homework)
5. figure out and sign up for benefits
6. put up laundry and clean up bedroom
7. print more invites and send out
8. work on bunting
9. fix vintage bag loki ate part of....sad but true
10. search etsy for suspenders and a newsboy hat for clint to wear to the wedding


stina said...

aw, that cat in a crown is ADORABLE! you have to make your puppies some! all animals deserve crowns. :)

Brooke Ann Dove said...

Wow...you are as busy as me. Its exhausting!