Thursday, August 19, 2010

Food Review: Good Earth

Tonight I made something new, yummy, and healthy! I found these dinner entrees called Good Earth at Market Street. The entire meal cost me $7, and it serves 2.

We tried the Herb Crusted Chicken w/ Mushroom Risotto. I used the precut fajita breast meat, and added a few more spices. I don't think I followed the directions perfectly on the risotto, so it was a little rubbery. (oopppss) But if you've ever made risotto, its no easy feat. All in all, it was yummy! The panko crumbs were awesome with the chicken, (I added some lemon pepper and paprika to the mix). I can't wait to try out the other entrees!

We also watched Leap Year over dinner. I love Amy Adams, but I give this movie 2 stars. They were very cute together, but yeah....

What did you do tonight?

PS. My interview went well...more on that soon...hopefully...


Jessica & Irby said...

glad you blogged this! I was checking out those at the grocery store yesterday, trying to decide to try or not!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Mmm, looks good!

I don't think I have even heard of that movie? Haha.

Glad the interview went well!!