Friday, August 13, 2010

You're Losing a Saviour And A Saint

So the mall isn't a sink hole, but I wish it was.
Ian played techno, and we sang the doom song from Invader Zim at work today.
I painted my nails red.
I plan to eat some ramen after this, and probably some ice cream.
Duo is antsy, because I won't let him out of the office to eat the rabbit that has been relocated to the dining room.
I plan to start knitting a scarf tonight while I watch Warehouse 13.
I haven't started any Home Ec projects.
This is my song of the day. Makes me want to drive my car crazy fast! Watch:


cute snuggles
i love how she wore a cheap vintage dress from austin to some celebrity bull...who cares?! but that dress rocks!


GraphXGrrl said...

That dress does rock! She looks gorgeous in it. She's always looked better in those styles though, IMO.

And is that rabbit you speak of, Vincent?? Poor doggie must be very frustrated. Dachshunds were bred specifically to hunt rabbits. lol

Holly Knitlightly said...

That fox is ADORABLE! I'm going to check out Warehouse 13. :) Oh and I haven't started any Home Ec projects yet either. The sewing machine is still downstairs. Ha!