Monday, September 27, 2010

23/30: What You Would Find In Your Bag

I realize my days are off, but I am trying to catch up a little bit on the 30 days challenge. Excuse my iphone photos lol.

What's in my bag?

Chanel bag from my little sister.
Glow in the dark anti-bac holder with bat bite (smells like apples).
Hello Kitty charms and some ribbon.
Hello Kitty wallet.
Crystal Light.
Pens, marker, highlighter.
HK band-aid.
Strawberry Cupcake lipgloss.
Chanel Chance roll on perfume.
Various hair clippies.
Blonde bobby pins.
Starbucks coozies.
Shopping list.
Crafty Girl mints.
Hello Kitty Day planner. (one of many planners I might add.)

My bag is kinda light for once! lol I am carrying a tote bag with another planner and paperwork for my new job, but that's the boring stuff!

What's in your bag?

1 comment:

Carrie said...

ok I totally want that wallet!!!!