Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Need An Ambulance

Today I've been baking and cleaning. While doing this I've been listening to Eisley. They will be going on tour this fall, hopefully I will get to catch a show and finally get an Eisley tshirt! I think Sherri is awesome! Look how cute her hair is!

I will actually have to get dressed tomorrow...sad day...

Yup, I have to get up early tomorrow and I will probably not be able to sleep :(
I have fascination with llamas...
I have to go to work tomorrow...boohooo... :(
This made me think I need to get me a badass day planner and get more organized?!
I feel like watching Buffy and I still want these pj's! Too bad they are like $80!

I baked some rainbow cupcakes today!
Anything exciting happen today? Looking forward to something this week? Not looking forward to something this week?


Chelsea said...

Not looking forward to work.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ever since I saw that movie with the Olsen twins (can't remember what it is called, haha.) I have wanted a planner JUST like that. SERIOUSLY. hahah. I love it so much.

Mrs. Miller said...

its called a new york minute. i love that movie too lol its so silly