Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Forgot Today Was Taco Tuesday!

I have no sense of time. I totally forgot it was Tuesday! We haven't been going to Rosa's for taco tuesday recently so my life is out of wack!

1. I want these boots! They look like they are magical and have a story to tell. Hopefully soon I will hit up some thrift stores and find my own magical boots.
2. Fun fact: Bumper cars is the only ride I will get on at the fair willingly. I am petrified of roller coasters and such...
3. Fall is officially here, but it's still warm enough to water ski lol...
4. The most amazing tree house ever! Clint's dad is building one on the ranch for the little girls. I bet it will be amazing too!
5. This photo just cracked me up...you've got prima ballerina's, a dude in a colonial wig with a baby umbrella, and the capital in the background....what in the world?!
Iphone apps I downloaded today b/c I was bored:
tetris (don't ask how many hours i played this or the # of times I had to charge my phone)
craft video
lion brand yarn (yeah there's an app for yarn!)

did you know silverchair (my fav band of all time!) has an iphone app?? well they do! lol

What are your fav iphone apps? i'll let you know soon after i test out some of the new ones...but definitely tetris

1 comment:

Amanda Pearl Shires said...

I love those apps you got!!!
I have cleartune..it's a tuner!