Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gluing Stuff

Today I:
Went to Target.
Bought some hairspray.
Had a PSL.
Went to Office Depot, I like the way it smells in there.
Went to Hobby Lobby for fabric glue.
Watched more Lois & Clark.
Glued Stuff.
Ate a popsicle.

Recently, I've been prioritizing and trying to pay some bills. One thing that I don't think is a priority is my iphone (mostly b/c my bill is so expensive). I think I could do with the phone pictured above.

This picture stumps me.
So does this one...people cakes? why are there bikes?
I adore this picture found on
Things left to do today:
Pick up french bread.
Go eat dinner with friends.
Finish secret project before tomorrow.
Bake cupcakes.
Clean out Vinny's cage.
Snuggle with some pups/steal back my snuggie.
Stay up late, and get up early.

PS Tomorrow is my last day working in the mall! I may never go back again! WOOT!


GraphXGrrl said...

Ewww! Those 'people cupcakes' look like they have intestines on top instead of icing!

GraphXGrrl said...
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Mrs. Miller said...

lol i know...mind boggling