Sunday, September 19, 2010

You Tell Me I Am A "Myth"

The 1920's have always been my favourite decade. I recently discovered Louise Brooks.
Brooks is considered one of the first naturalistic actors in film, her acting being subtle and nuanced compared to many other silent performers. The close-up was just coming into vogue with directors, and her almost hypnotically beautiful face was perfect for this new technique. Brooks had always been very self-directed, even difficult, and was notorious for her salty language, which she didn't hesitate to use whenever she felt like it. In addition, she had made a vow to herself never to smile on stage unless she felt compelled to, and although the majority of her publicity photos show her with a neutral expression, she had a dazzling smile. (source Wikipedia)

“You have brought peace to my last years.
For 69 years I have been frantically searching for myself.
And now you tell me that I am a “myth”.
What a blessing.
Henceforth, I shall disintegrate comfortably in bed with my books, cigarettes, coffee, bread, cheese, and apricot jam.
Regards - Louise Brooks”

Louise Brooks in correspondence with Guido Crepax, 1976.

Natalie Portman

Audrey Tautou
I actually bought this magazine recently not realizing it was Lulu on the cover.

Here is a pic of me the day I got my hair cut. I am thinking of dyeing it a bit darker for fall.

Who/what are you inspired by?

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