Monday, September 6, 2010

3/30: Your Friends

I have friends that come and go, and then I have friends who stick know the real ones. So thank you friends for sticking around, and staying in touch, because you know I'm bad at it.

1. Ash: my lil sis. Has been my friend since she was born, and pretty much didn't get a choice lol.

2. Teresa has been around since the jr. high days, and is always there when you need her and a cup of coffee :)

3. Dez is my pal from back in the day. From swimming parties in 5th grade to rock bands in college.

4. Brooke is my hip craftster friend who always knows way more than I do about things I want to know more about. Like music, she always gives me the best cds.

5. Chelsea who is super smart and easy to talk to, and understands stuff about my professional life. Who helps me when I need to do smart stuff like write resume's and educational philosophies.

6. Calleycakes who is young and naive, but understands my language. Who likes to make fun of people who are mean to me, and likes to take on my hand me downs. She is also the best puppy sitter.

7. Deb who is my cool facebook friend :) and always has good advice on everything!

I'm sure there are more friends out there I didn't mention, like my husband, but that's a given.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! Can I be your facebook? Your cool facebook friend ;) -- Debra

Chelsea said...

Yay smart stuff!!

GraphXGrrl said...

Awwww, thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

You r too awesome
-- Debra

Holly Knitlightly said...

Friends are the best!

And cupcakes are pretty all right too! :)