Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas to do

Today I have been wrapping gifts. I am glad I got some of my Christmas shopping done early. :)
I have 3 little bitty nieces, and I'm not good at shopping for kids that little, so I am going to make them Black Apple Dolls based on the tutorial from Martha Stewart.

I am trying to make as many gifts as I can since this year we are low on funds. But I think handmade gifts are more meaningful.

I still need to make/find gifts for:
my mom
finish clint's mom's (i mean start)
clint's dad
clint's grand-dad
several friends
white elephant gift?

hmmm...i'm sure I am forgetting someone...but I already had a lot done! I need to get Clint something little, I have an idea...we'll have to wait and see.

How is your Christmas shopping/making going?

I still haven't finished my Christmas card....they may not make it out this year.

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