Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taco Tuesday: A Little Nonsense & Love

Here are some things that I am loving today!

Juliette Lewis with blue hair! I can't wait until I can afford to do something with my hair!

Tokyolux products. I just want everything!

Inspiring words.

I need to get some of these letters and put nice sayings all over my house!

After seeing this I want to paint my own set of dishes with Totoro all over them!

Embarrassing story time: Yesterday some old ladies came in to buy a coat and wanted me to half the amount so they can pay separately. I suck at math and I get flustered under pressure with no calculator. I was off by a bit, and they made fun of me some and talked about how dumb today's youth was, and how they used to be math teachers. Yesterday was like that all day, but my husband made me feel better with popcorn and wine. :)

I understand McD's has these now. I hate McD's. Did you watch Super Size Me? You should, you'll never want to eat there again. My friend Calleycakes said she'd get me a Hello Kitty one! I may buy a Happy Meal just to get one and give it to a homeless person, there's usually one over by TJ Maxx.

This tree is sooo cute! I may do something like this next year!

I still want a Tamagotchi for Christmas or my bday! It would look cute on my Tokyolux Tramp Lady bag. (hint hint)!

PS Here is my most played playlist, it gets me pumped to do things like housework. I'm a huge fan of Abingdon Boys School. You can't get their cd on itunes, but you can order it on Amazon and it takes like 3 years to get here lol...that's on my wish list too...but for now...PS the first song is my fav...I'll post the video soon...

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Anonymous said...

You can buy just Happy Meal Toys, no food required ^^
Also, Target has cupcake ornaments, they are for a small tree but still very cute
--Debra Belle

Ashley said...

OOOOOH! I love that hello kitty watch...very much. I'll skip on the burger/nuggets, but I may have to eat the fries. eep!

Also, love that little quote "I am not what I used to be."
Reminds me of one of my fave movie quotes. "I've changed, I'm not the girl I once was." from My Best Friend's Wedding. :)

Oh, My Darling said...

A Tamagotchi, what a great flashback!