Thursday, December 2, 2010

Copy Wizards

My alarm was set for 8am. (I hit snooze). My phone rings at 8:10am, its the subfinder looking for a sub. So I accept because I am so stoked about being a substitute. As my brain wakes up I realize the call came after the job was supposed to start (7:50am). I am running around like a mad woman trying to make myself look decent, google mapping directions, and making some instant coffee (which I am now out of :(). I only get lost 2x's, and finally get there by 9am (go me!). Today wasn't the most glamorous subbing position, I was actually the workroom aide (that means I make copies). So I have an itinerary that says from 9-11 make copies. Copies of what? I'm looking all over the place for something to make copies of for 2 hours lol, finally I just ask this fun science teacher and she lets me know what's the what. As I'm getting the low down on the copy room, in walks a hunky white Steve Urkel (suspenders, taped nerd glasses, pants up to his chin, and he even talks in a crazy nerd voice). I say hello. Later Mr. Hunk comes back to the copy room to let me know its nerd day, and that he doesn't dress like this everyday. Good to know. :)

Today I learned that copy machines are wizards that break down a lot. Sure they can staple and punch holes, but have an affinity for paper jams. Also, they are sensitive about how you reload the paper. I'd say my first day as a sub wasn't a long one (i was done by 11:30), but it was definitely a challenge!

PS I also locked myself out of the house on the way out the door that morning. Thank god my husband was off and answered the door lol...

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