Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taco Tuesday: Sub Your Heart Out!

Yesterday was my first official subbing job, and I got to be an art teacher!
Things they should tell subs:
1. What disciplinary actions are taken? (For those kids that have to be threatened lol)
2. How do you make them be quiet? (I learned you do this clappy thing and they clap back.)
3. How they usually line up at the door.
Those 3 things would've made my day run so much smoother yesterday.
I went home with sore feet, blisters on my fingers from sharpening pencils all day, and starving (since my sandwich was moldy).

This morning I woke up with a phone call that my one day job was actually 2 days! Yikes! So I got ready in record time, grabbed a latte (which I finished before I got there...long drive!), and subbed my little heart out. Today I had a boy cry, had to send 2 kids to the nurse, had a girl literally hang all over me, and had to deal with a bully who liked putting his peers names into the song "jingle bells, ( ) smells", all in all it went alright...i think. Tomorrow I sub at a different school in a 1st grade class or 2 different 1st grade classes. I'm hoping being with the same kids all day will be better than 6 or 7 different classes.
I'm pretty tired...I worked at my part time job after I subbed yesterday, and thought I'd have today off. I'm still working on Christmas-y stuff like presents and my holiday card. The holiday episode of Warehouse 13 comes on tonight, I'm excited about that!

Anything your excited about?

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