Monday, December 27, 2010

Through The Cracks In The Sky

You know when one thing goes wrong, it seems like a million other things follow that trend. That's the pattern my life seems to be following at the moment. So I'm trying to be optimistic, which is hard....I'm kinda sad today because someone told me something mean that was said about me, and I don't think they realized how mean it was. I'm one of those people who doesn't care what people think of me, and usually just let it go...this was just super hurtful and I'm listening to my angry music and I'm planning a crazy outfit for the day, that usually makes me feel better. I might need a cupcake...

Some days I feel like I am going nuts, so this shirt would be appropriate.

Some days I feel like I am running out of time to get things done, and my clock is counting down....

Usually when I am feeling down and out, I do unexpected things with my hair or go shopping.
I can't wait for my hair to be blonde again so I can make it pink! I love this painting by The Black Apple.

What do you do when you are feeling down?

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GraphXGrrl said...

I'm sorry to hear that someone was mean to you. :(

I think you're great!

When I'm feeling down, I usually listen to my favorite music, take long showers to relax and sort through my thoughts and try to keep myself busy so I can build up my positivity by being productive.

I hope things look up for you soon! Maybe we can get together this weekend if you're in town, and the crazy thing is that Nick is talking about maybe going to your town too. lol So maybe some way or another we can find a place to meet up. :)