Monday, June 27, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Thrifting

Today is my last day off from work for a while, and I really wanted to go thrifting. I feel like I don't get to the the thrift stores enough. My friend Calley was able to go with me, and I was super lucky because I got stuck in this crazy awesome 80's dress. Sadly this dress had no zipper, so new rule, no zipper no deal. I was freaking out pretty bad, but Calley totally saved the day and got to see me in my underwear.

I found some really awesome tea length flowy skirts (art teacher style), a 4th of July crop top (it's navy with yellow stars), a tribal one piece pantsuit, a dress (with shoulder pads...had to take those out), a cotton candy shirt, and a few bags I totally didn't need.

I am hoping soon I will start posting the items for shop my closet. I have a few things set aside. Would you shop from this shopaholic's closet?

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Sarah said...

Good for you for doing something so much fun on your day off! So glad you found some AWESOME things!