Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Holy Freaking Pink Batman!

Today I went to Michael's in search of canvas and whatever nick nacks I feel the urge to pick up along the way. In the end I just wanted to use my coupon that I had printed off their website. I have been on this huge I want to use coupons and save money kick, but I totally suck at it. Once I get to the register with my canvas, doilies, and sale yarn I notice I have to spend 2 more dollars to use my lovely coupon. I grab up a bubble wand and I'm like lets do this! The cashier dude scans my coupon and EPIC FAIL! He says it doesn't work on discounted or sale items (which was everything but my dumb $2 bubble wand). Needless to say, instead of holding up the line I sadly pay for my items and pout my way out the door. But hey, I do have a nifty bubble wand and learned a valuable lesson in reading the fine print.
Did I mention I kind of accidently dyed my hair HOT FREAKING PINK?! An old man came up to me today at Barnes and Noble to tell me how much he liked it.

I'm going to spend the rest of my day watching Roswell, painting, possibly eating gummy bears, and hugging puppies.


Brooke Ann Dove said...

I wish we lived in the same town again! Then I could leave my crappy place of work and watch Roswell with you. I love you hair, and old dudes are awesome!

Angie said...

I've never used coupons, but the idea does sound fun. I worked for Sam's Club and they had so many rules regarding coupons, so that kinda puts me off. I hate fine print!

Also, I love your hair. ^_^ I think it's awesome! I wanna dye mine light blue or strawberry pink!