Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taco Tuesday: Ooh LaLa

Today the husband and I went in search of these yummy chocolatey hippos that they sell at World Market, they were out. But I did score these rad Blowfish shoes a few stores down. I told Clint that he has 10 years worth of husband of the year awards lined up. He said that was good because he was going to be a jerk now. Silly boy. He also informed me I have to give away 2 pairs of shoes....again, silly boy. Seriously, you don't get between a girl and her shoes....

Today I had a yummy breakfast thanks to Sugar Brown's. If you ever come to Lubbock, go to SB's, you won't be disappointed. (BEST coffee EVER!)

Outfit post #3 is shaky at best. I was dead tired this morning and threw on this frump of a number. I decided to cheat and switch out my khaki's for these jeggings I had been lusting over in my store that went on sale for $6. I know, you're not supposed to buy anything while doing this challenge, but it was husband approved.

I was trying to get a picture of these earrings I wore today because they are rad, but it just kinda looks like my hair.

These shoes are super comfy, and very chic!

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