Monday, June 6, 2011

A Confusing Process: Life

Sometimes it feels like time is flying by, and I've already been married a year, and my niece is so grown up that it makes me wonder what I have been doing with my time besides drinking wine while taking bubble baths and being a mall rat....There are all these goals that I want to accomplish, but I just never get around to doing them. It seems like life is getting in the way of So I decided to make a conscious effort to scratch some to do's and goals off the list, that's the first step right?

(I thought this picture was funny, and I was thinking about baths)

Today I purchased some books and magazines for a little self help advice:

1. The Happiness Project.

I've read the first chapter, and I am totally inspired to get rid of my clutter. So far a very inspirational read.

2. The Somerset Studio Gallery
I find these magazines insanely inspiring. They have loads of eye candy and lots of tips on new techniques to try. I've been working on the same multi-media painting for months, I'm hoping to finish it and start on some of the other ideas I have sketched out.

3. Shopaholic take Manhattan. Part of the Confessions of a Shopaholic series.

I'm hoping by reading this series that it will help me curb my shopaholic tendencies. I feel like I've made no real progress in this area in my life. I love the thrill of shopping and buying new things, and then later I look at my bank account and wonder where all my money went. I told Clint that I need to start saving if we are going to have a baby, because baby's are expensive. (PS No baby yet).

4. The Nylon Music Issue
This is hands down my favorite magazine. There is always something interesting and inspirational in these pages. As a bonus, one of my fav bands, Eisley, is featured inside.

(a little page I loved, taken with instagram)

I'm off today, and hope to tackle some laundry and clutter. Do you just donate your clutter or do you have a yard sale? I hate having yard sales they are loads of work.

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