Monday, March 12, 2012

Music & Shoes: A Weekend of Awesomeness

I had a great weekend filled with cute shoes and awesome music! Take a look....

Steven by Steve Madden

These are the shoes that I wore to the show on Saturday night. It was love at first sight.

This was J.P. & The Gilberts from NYC. Their music had a very fun blue grassy feel.

This is CoCo playing his squeeze box with Thrift Store Cowboys.

Shoes from Gap

These are the shoes that I wore on Sunday. I love a good oxford.

This is me practicing my fishy face.

Cardigan: Francesca's, Dino Top: Francesca's, Jeans: Bullhead Black from Pacsun, Shoes: Gap

This is my first outfit post from my new job. I have worn so many cute outfits that I wish I had taken pictures of. Sunday's we can wear jeans which is nice :)

Last night was my first adventure to The Prairie Fire Theater. It's all ages, no smoking, and BYOB. Definitely a different atmosphere than I'm used to, but a nice change. 
This is one of the members from Slow Static. I was really impressed with their sound, and would totally listen to their music while doing arty stuff.

 This is a quick picture of TSC (my hubby is on the right in the orange). I was pretty sure he was going to fall off stage, but he didn't....but his glasses did fly off his face!

I didn't get a picture of The Diamond Center, but here's a rad video

How was your weekend?

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