Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Warby and Parker

 My husband and I were introduced to Warby and Parker last year at SXSW. Since my husband is in a band, he ended up getting some free swag, which included a gift certificate to Warby and Parker. My husband desperately needed new glasses, because when he's rocking out on stage his old pair always seems to fly off his face (and had been chewed on by evil puppies). We figured we'd order a pair, use the gift card and then pay the rest. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the gift card paid for the glasses and they were only $95! So I decided to get a pair too. 

 Several times a day, I get asked:
"Are your glasses real?"
"Where did you get your glasses?"
I'm like a walking billboard for Warby and Parker.

I love that there is a company out there like Warby and Parker. They are so amazing and give back not only to the community, but the world. If you are a fan of Toms shoes, then you should be a fan of Warby and Parker. Like Toms, when you buy a pair of glasses, they give a pair to someone in need.

Warby and Parker are also looking out for the environment, their employees, and most of all their customers. They were awesome in helping me figure out my prescription, and got back to me immediately. It was nice to be able to just take a picture of my prescription and email it to them, so they could help me figure out what I was missing. I would say it was the best customer service I have ever received. 
So check out their web site and try on a few pairs! They have a digital version or you can get a set of actual glasses to test out at home.

I can't wait to order another pair! 

Are you a fan of Warby and Parker? Let me know what you think!

(Ps I am writing this b/c I love Warby and Parker, not b/c I'm being paid to. Thanks!)

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