Sunday, March 25, 2012

Around the Miller Mansion

Today I've been doing some spring cleaning and redecorating. I've really enjoyed getting some stuff done today, but I still have lots to do before we have guests! 

So enjoy a peek around The Miller Mansion (ps it's not really a mansion, but a lil house built in the '80s, located in suburban hell)

Guest bathroom has been Hello Kitty-i-fied! It's a dream come true!
I still have some sparkles to add and a new toilet seat!

The Queen is helping my strawberry plant grow...I seriously need to repot her...

I dusted the old organ today....

I watered Earl and she looks lovely...(all my plants seem to be girls this year...)

This was stacked high and crazy with different teas and what not. My husband was impressed when he came home from work! I recycled my herb garden box from last year. I may or may not paint it soon...but yay organized!

I have lots let to do here at The Miller Mansion! More pictures to come soon!

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