Saturday, March 24, 2012

That Lame Girl

Yes I am that lame girl that uses her phone for all pictures....but I'm thinking of investing in a real camera and taking this rad photog class by Kara. So maybe, pretty soon I'll get over being that lame girl...maybe....

I got this covergirl lip stain in berry...something and it's kinda rad and lasts half of the day. It's kinda like coloring with a marker on your lips...which is fun!

Doesn't this cupcake look evil? It's white chocolate and raspberry. It looks like it could kill you, or is a zombie cupcake or something....

Geometric nails...

Who doesn't need a PBR trucker hat? Thanks husband.

Favorite bracelet. Keep your eyes peeled, I may be giving one of these away soon.

Drunken coffee, yes please.

Now here are a few outfits that I wore to work this week...enjoy the iphone-a-graphy that is my life...

dress: some store downtown
tights: vera wang
shoes: payless
headband: f21

top: francesca's collection
jeans: pacsun
shoes: rock & candy

Blazer: billabong
dress: francesca's collection
tights: target
shoes: black poppy

 cardi: aerie
top: francesca's collection
skirt: pacsun
shoes: born

I guess if I'm that lame girl, at least I'm that cute lame girl....haha....

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Angie Bailey said...

I am so jealous over your bracelet and that PBR hat!!! Jen and I adore PBR and Coors Light. ^_^

Also, you are adorable - love those outfits!!!

Aster Redfern said...

That zombie cupcake was amazing! I adore your hair up with that headband:) I might try out a lip stain. That lipstick I bought might be to dark for have to look and tell me.

Thanks for all the help and hang time this week!
<3 You!