Monday, March 19, 2012

You Can Do It! A To Do List

Starting tomorrow, I have 2 days off and I want to get tons of things done. Sometimes it's nice to come back and scratch things off the list. Here goes....

1. Update Etsy.
2. Finish the doll I've been working on for ages.
3. Select the perfect paint color for the dining room (maybe pink?).
4. Find all artwork that needs frames.
5. Go buy frames and hang it up!
6. Re-Arrange furniture.
7. Perhaps start a Big Cartel, with Shop My Closet Items.
8. Get giveaway set up.
9. Get Sponsor giveaway set up.
10. Put up laundry.
11. Clean, Clean, Clean!
12. Finish planning husband's birthday party.
13. Take pups for haircuts
14. Plan out blog posts for rest of week.
15. Plan out meals and do some grocery shopping!

I know there are a million other things on my mind, but I'll start and stop there.

Happy Monday!

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