Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here's A Little Heart For You

Today was a glorious day off! I am officially still in my pj's! I did nothing in particular: read, surfed the net, looked for invite ideas, made chicken parmesan for dinner, drank tea, played with puppies, did my wii fit. I actually just finished my wii fit, I already feel healthier! LOL I am sure you are not supposed to work out at 12 am but whatever. Tomorrow I am going to bake some organic blondie brownies, I hope they turn out good.

I love this cd by Lenka. I got to see her 2x last year at SXSW and she is adorable! Her band is awesome too! It's a very happy cd, and the artwork is amazingly fun! Check it out!

This is from Two Guitars etsy store. I wonder if it would be easier to pay someone to make my invites than to buy a gocco printer and do it myself? Advice?

I was googling Hayao Miyazaki today and I found this handpainted shoes based on one of my fav movies Howl's Moving Castle. I recommend reading the book too even though its a bit different than the movie. The artwork Miyazaki does is amazing!

I read a lot today, mostly blogs....but I have never seen or read Gone with the Wind.

More invites I found on my googling expedition today....I can't decide what to do for ours and I need to figure it out soon.
My doorbell rang today. I peeked out my peep hole, but I didn't recognize the person, so I didn't answer, that's how I roll....

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Brooke Ann Dove said...

You crack me up! I miss having you near!