Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Haven't Had My Coffee Yet, Don't Make Me Kill You!

So I'm drinking some tea and dreading getting ready for work. My DM will be in today, which means I need to look cute while being hopped up on Red Bull (or at least acting like it) and be the epitome of the supreme customer service guru. I feel like none of those things today. Hopefully she shows up on time and leaves a few hours after I come in....fingers crossed.

Last night I made meatloaf from scratch and it was sooo yummy. I wanted to do a post about it b/c I've been cooking a lot more, but I always forget to take pics while I am concentrating. Here is the link to the recipe. All the recipe's I have been making recently are from Ellie. They are super healthy but taste amazing. I usually tweak them a bit to our tastes, like adding my special secret ingredient (that's artichoke), which I add to everything possible. A lot of Ellie's recipe's have videos and the reviews are helpful too. So check it out!

Here are some lookbook pics of outfits that I liked. Hopefully this will inspire me to get dressed? PS some are other random pics that I have no idea where they came from...

I am supposed to dress springy, but apparently spring has not sprung in Texas. 60 and rainy today. So maybe I can do a tights and shorts thing? Not too sure I can pull that off but we'll see...Are you ready for spring? I am! I need to work on my flower beds!


Lindsay said...

For some reason that happens with my blog, not sure why. Maybe unfollow and refollow, sometimes that fixes it :) Hope you have a great weekend :)

Cat said...

I got your package yesterday! LOVED it!!! Seriously, you are awesome! Best Happy Mail EVER!! I sent you an email tonight, I hope you got it.