Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taco Tuesday: SXSW is sooo Norway 2004

So I survived SXSW 2010, barely. I wasn't feeling well...officially I couldn't hear out of my left ear or talk on friday...bummer. We accomplished seeing She & Him, we froze our asses off, and got no sleep. We realized maybe we are too old for this, and perhaps this festival is not what it once was. I mean come on Hole was there. But we did see some awesome new bands.....so that's my lazy version...For the full version of the trip check out Brooke's blog.

PS the reference to norway 2004 is the scarf I bought at the thrift store in austin...it = suckage

Since I have been sick I have drank a ton of tea...Even paid $3 in Austin for a tiny cup of Earl Grey....
Note to self...check the weather thoroughly and pack appropriately or you'll be sorry...
Today was my day off, so I got stuff done:

I mailed off my last happy mail package. I've decided not to continue, but Brooke and I decided that we can be each other's happy mail partners for life! lol.

I went by Cake, one of our local cupcakeries and asked about prices for my wedding cake cupcakes.

I went by James Avery and checked out wedding bands.

Clint and I cut and assembled some wedding invites last night after dinner.

I went grocery shopping.

I did the dishes and I am now doing laundry.

I plan to work on homework and more wedding stuff after this blog.

Right now I am going to go download all the fun apps from Brooke's double tap tuesday blog post!


Cat said...

I sent your Happy Mail package off today. I decided not to do Happy Mail anymore either but if you want to still be pen pals we can! I love sending random mail and sometimes goodies!

Sounds like you're getting a lot done today. Yay for wedding invitations! Everything is starting to come together!

Sorry you were sick, I hope you are feeling better.


GraphXGrrl said...

Yay for wedding cupcakes!

Sorry SXSW wasn't what you were hoping for but I'm feelin' ya on the "getting too old for this" part. We went to a rock concert about 6 months ago & it just wasn't as exciting as I remembered concerts being. I was kind of like, "Can we go home and chill now?" lol

Brooke Ann Dove said...

Wow, lots of references..thanks! And you had a very productive day...so proud!