Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Think The Hello Kitty Store Misses Me

What's been on your mind lately? On my mind is pink, paris, words with friends, wedding stuffs, homework, and cooking. I am currently reading the March issue of Nylon magazine, where I haven't got past the first few ads. I am currently drinking a glass or perhaps third glass of Llano sweet red wine. I have been going to be bed between 10:30pm and 11pm nightly, which is definately odd for this night owl. I have been considering turning several pairs of jeans into shorts, long shorts, I don't like my hiney hanging out and they really don't make many long shorts these days. Last year I bought some guys shorts lol, maybe I am just getting old? I think the Hello Kitty store misses me, I haven't been in a while. OR maybe I miss it? lol Although the lovely Cat sent me my Pocky fix, so I don't have to tread dangerous waters going into the HK store....thanks Cat! Cat is awesome and sent me the most wonderful happy mail package ever! xo

Pink and Paris....two of my favourite things!

I am not sure if these are cherry blossom tress, but I like them. I am fascinated by cherry blossom trees. I would love to go to Japan during that time of year when they bloom.

I would totally drive this car, although I like the baby blue version too. Like the one Reese drives in Legally Blonde 2.

Not only have I been thinking about tattoos. I want Brooke to draw me a compass rose! I just saw the deal on the Harry Potter theme park opening in June. Clint was all like that's lame, me of course I want to go!

Haha I always hit snooze, and I never want to get out of bed!

Bags, bags, Bags....I want one I will use for a long time. Right now I switch all the time. I am working on this small wicker purse that I want to embroider on...i'm downsizing...

I'm in the mood for spring...cute lil japanese art...

I heart what's in your bag posts...I saw this one somewhere...there is usually strawberry pocky in my bag too, and the Sailor Moon collector cards lol...I heart that show, I used to watch it when I was younger! sigh...
I could really use a strawberry cupcake. Cat got me a candle that just makes me want one even more than usual!

Bunnies and daisies....i'm in love...I love that perfume! Right now I am wearing my momma's Marc Jacob's lola perfume...

so pretty...

Can I have this kitchen?

neato? I think so

I need to find or make some big bows!

Cat nominated me for this award and I was so excited! I know I didn't read the directions too well but I plan to nominate a few people...

1. Brooke over at On The Wings of a Dove
2. Amy over at Style Crush and peptogirl industries
3. Dez over at GraphXGrrl
4. Jessica over at Hello, my name is Jessica
5. everyone over at mucho mucho bueno bueno

Those are pretty much my daily reads. So check out their lovely blogs and give some love.


Lindsay said...

I love wrist tatoos, I just got my first one a few weeks ago and love it!! Hope you had an awesome weekend, grats on your award!!! :)
P.S. Pink is my fav color too!!

GraphXGrrl said...


We had looked at the HP park too b/c we thought we might go there on day on our Disney World trip. But it doesn't open until the day that we're leaving Florida and the ticket prices were CRAZY!! Maybe give it a couple of years to become more reasonable. lol

Cat said...

cherry blossoms are so lovely! I love photos of them! I'm so glad you liked your package, I absolutely loved mine! I'm going to blog about it soon!


Brooke Ann Dove said...

Yeah! Congrats on your nomination...I actaully am working on your tattoo. When I like what I've drawn I'll email it to you. Miss your face!

Micaela said...

found your whimsical blog through Cat- what great exchanges between you two! i love the pretty/girly pink set she sent along.

tattoos- i'm itching for my 4th one! i know what i want... just don't know where to place it ;) it'll be one me and my twin both get. that owl one is fabulous!