Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taco Tuesday Wedding Inspiration

I have compiled some pictures of inspiration for my upcoming wedding. Clint's mom is coming by tomorrow and I needed to show her what my vintage french country theme was all about. I have some fabric I like with the colors and patterns that inspire me too. I don't really have a set color, more like muted pastels. These pics were mostly taken from Green Wedding Shoes. I actually did a similar post a while back, here is the link to that post.

This is the inspiration for Clint's outfit I have yet to go shopping for. It's on the list for tomorrow. Clint will be on tour most of April and get back a few days before the wedding, so I will get to pick out something rad for him to wear. He will look so handsome!
I guess tomorrow I will know more and hopefully have a few things checked off my to do list. Please send any songs for my wedding playlist, that would rock! Brooke and I already started a list so far we have:

painting by chagall- the weepies
?- old 97's
turn out the lights- new amsterdams

lol kinda small list...well off to do homework, clean the house, and get ready for doing stuffs tomorrow. i hope there will be lots of cupcakes testing for me to do ;)


Lindsay said...

pretty pics!! and yay for cupcakes!!!

Brooke Ann Dove said...

Hey I think I will take off early on the Friday before your wedding so I can help you with anything you need.