Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strangers Answering My Phone

I had dreams of being lost in a forest, and calling people on my cell phone but strangers answering. There were roller skates and fire trucks. None of it made sense but when I woke up this morning I told Clint that some old lady kept answering his phone when I called him.

I love this darling face. I found this on a random tumbler. This is her at SXSW! I saw her wearing this cute outfit! Whoever got close enough to take this photo you rock! PS I can't wait to get the new cd! I'll be checking my mail...;)

It's my day off today and I want to go to the movies. I want a pickle, buttered popcorn, and a cherry coke. The only time I drink coke is when I go to the movies, it's my ritual. Drinking coke otherwise would just cheapen it...lol

I really need to clean my house today b/c Clint's momma is coming over tomorrow and we're doing wedding stuffs. I love Hayley from Paramore, it's my dirty little secret. The guy at Hot Topic told me he wouldn't tell anyone. I go in there sometimes to buy Paramore t-shirts. I have a band shirt addiction. So does Clint. I think a little Paramore will get me motivated to clean.

If you don't know who this is, or have not bought this album...we can't be friends. (or I could burn you a copy to save our friendship :)

I liked this movie. I could watch it again. Truthfully I don't mind being alone sometimes. I think it's b/c I am around people all day long LOL. I hear I look like Kirsten Dunst, what do you think?

This is my short morning, but it's already noon post. Time for more tea!


Cat said...

You have been having some strange dreams lately lol! I LOVE Paramore! I've been told before that I looked like her sometimes. I don't see it haha! Have fun with your day off and wedding stuff with Clint's mom tomorrow!


Lindsay said...

wow I have crazy dreams too, I tend to have them right before I wake p in the morning, normally about a giant animal chasing me! EEEKK!!! I am a big fan of Paramore!! :D
Hope you have a great week!