Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Puppy Segway Transformers

So the night owl in me is back! Which is probably a bad thing. But last night I stayed up late and cleaned up my little studio space. I only took one before pic, but you couldn't even walk into the room before this first photo was taken...sad but true...


Where the magic happens. lol
Clint's mom helped me make the curtain. Clint helped me cover the chair for my sewing area.
This is my inspiration wall. I plan to paint it a fun zen color soon!
I haven't been able to buy any organizational stuff, so I am just using found things out of my garage. But hey, recycling is a good thing :)

This is Loki helping me with wedding stuff today. I work on the floor a lot, but the puppies try to take it over lol...PS that is Loki's Hello Kitty rug!

Did I mention that the puppies ran away today?! I freaked out b/c I love them so much and I searched the neighborhood. I was gone all day, so they must have been running around the neighborhood all day. One of the pickets in our fence blew off and they squeezed out. I found them around the corner. They saw me and headed home lol. Loki went straight to the front door, Duo just kept going. I don't think Duo knows where he lives. But they are safe and sound and we fixed the fence. Stupid crazy Texas winds.
Here is the invite I made. You can't really see the detail from the scan, but I used velum and used drafting tape to make it stay. :)
My boss is throwing me a bridal shower, and I volunteered to make the poster to hang at work.
Today Clint's mom came down, and we got tons of wedding stuff done! Flowers are ordered and decor pretty much done. She bought me a bridal book. There's lots of things about weddings that I have no clue about. We have some much more to do...I have my list and I am checking things off!

So lately I have been having weirdo dreams. Last night or early this morning I dreamt I had a transformer suburban and it transformed into a segway, and that guy from that movie Mall Cop tried stealing it when I stopped at a hotdog stand. I think it's strange I've been remembering my weird dreams...I think it happens less when I have to get up early for work lol...what do you dream?


Jo said...

I do love how cozy your studio looks. It even looks great when it was untidy. I also love your inspirational wall.

All the best preparing for your wedding. I had mine last year and had a lovely time planning for it.

I have weird dreams too. My most recent one was 2 nights ago when I dreamt that my teeth kept coming apart and I've to spit out lots of bits and pieces of teeth everytime thet cracked in my mouth. It was gross and bloody and I actually felt pain in my dream. I often have teeth falling dream and that's coz I'm told by my sis and now my hubby that I grind my teeth slightly when I sleep at times.

Cat said...

I love your reorganized crafty space! I love the inspiration wall!

Your wedding is only a month away! How do you feel?!! I'm glad Clint's mom is helping out and being so sweet, some daughter in laws aren't so lucky lol! Love the invitation btw!! And the poster turned out super cute!

How scary that the puppies got out, what a horrible feeling. Happy they are back home and are both okay!


P.S. And I did have a weird dream the other night but after I woke up and I couldn't really remember it anymore.

GraphXGrrl said...

That's hilarious, Shawna! Your dreams are crazy. :)

Good job on the cleaning of the craft space!

Also, the wedding invites look beautiful!