Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

1. The most selfless thing I've ever done was... so far, I think it was switching high schools, so my mom didn't have to drive me over an hour to school and my sister didn't have to go to high school without me. I gave up my friends and being varsity head cheerleader, but I think it was better for everyone .

2. When it comes to working out I work out like once a month if that. I really haven't worked out since I graduated high school, which was over 10 years's on my list of things to get better at...or I mean actually do .

3. A woman should always wear lipstick(or a pretty lipgloss) .

4. I wish I could hire a maid .

5. A best friend is someone who knows when you need a cupcake or two .

6. I can't get enough of the Korean dramedy 'Lie to Me'. I only have one more episode left! .

7. This weekend I am working hard for the money and missing a Taylor Swift concert. Yeah, a little part of me just died inside almost like that time I missed that Paramore concert. I am still recovering from that by buying every Paramore shirt on the planet. .


Lin said...

Leaving all that was totally selfless & sweet of you.

As far as the lipstick thing, I fail. Does it count that I wear lightly tinted lip balm? Also really sorry you're missing the concert, that sucks big time.

Stopping by from Lauren's blog.

brlracincwgrl said...

I hate missing concerts!

Hope you have a great weekend! Lipstick, how about lip gloss? My preferred choice!

Katie said...

Dude, ditto to the maid!

Kallay said...

Our #3s are very similar, and when you find a free maid service, send them my way when you're through! Thanks! :D

Ashleigh Nichole said...

to have a maid would be so very nice I must agree! Have a great weekend.