Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whimsical Needles

My entire life I've told everyone that I am going to get this tattoo or that. My mom was the first to hear about my tattoo dreams, just to be the rebel child that I was. I told her I was going to get a dolphin jumping over my belly button so when I became pregnant it would look like a whale. Of course I never did that, I still have zero tattoos to this day. I am petrified of needles! I pretty much hyperventilated when getting my ears re-pierced as a child of 9-ish. When getting my belly button pierced in college, I was pretty sure I was going to pass out (then it didn't even hurt). I hate getting my blood taken, and I know there is blood involved in tattooing. So probably for the rest of my life I will be contemplating getting a tattoo..

.So here goes...

I love love Sherri's (from Eisley) artwork. These are a bunch of her sketches, that I would love to have tattooed on as a sleeve. I think I would like to start with the cupcake. It would be the cutest tattooed sleeve ever! Getting a tattoo is on my list of things I want to do this year....let the countdown begin!

Any advice for a scared-y cat wanting a tattoo?


Kristin said...

Woah, I had no idea Sherri did any sketches -- these are awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

All three of my tattoos I mulled over for a while before getting, but that's just cause I'm indecisive. I've got a mix of fun and meaningful and plan on more.

I'm terrified of needles too -- I did pass out when I got my bellybutton pierced and I usually pass out when someone's driving me to get blood work done, but tattoos are surprisingly different. I don't know if its because it's not piercing through or drawing things out that I'm ok with it, and I've gotten some brutal places tattooed (or so I hear). I would say start small (I did my small feather on my ribs before I did my whole side piece just to make sure I could handle it).

Wow, that was a ramble ><;;

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

These are all so stunning! I'm a big tattoo person but I also hate needles. x hivenn

Ashley said...

LOVE all of these! So cute.

When I got my tattoo, I watched Saw. Somehow watching the guy saw off his own leg made getting a tattoo seem pretty pain free. ;]

C said...

Tattoos are very different. I'm not nearly as afraid of needles as you are, but I"m definitely nervous about them.

My man owns a tattoo shop. In fact we met when I got my first tattoo, which I was undeniably nervous about.

It's like getting scratched. The needles pierce your flesh less than the width of a dime and it's so quick that you just feel like someone is scratching your skin.

It hurts but it's absolutely not unbearable and the feeling you get seeing art occurring on your skin is so worth it. Just make sure to find an awesome artist!

C said...

Also, those are AWESOME designs. also loving the cupcake.

Mrs. Biscuit said...

That art is amazing, and adorable and I love how cute and whimsical it is without being all colorful and childish! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

Nnenna said...

These illustrations are gorgeous- you're right, they would make beautiful tattoos! :) I was also scared when I got my first tattoo- my advice would start small and see if you can handle it. Then you can decided if you want to expand or get something bigger.

star-crossed smile

GraphXGrrl said...

I like the Umbrella one and the Queen of Hearts one the best. :)