Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Taco Tuesday: Indie Challenge

For today's taco Tuesday post, I am taking Lariats and Lavenders Indie Challenge! The theme is autumn and the point is to share items you love from your favorite independent artists. So here we go!
Every autumn, I fall in love with red hair. I usually end up dying my own hair red, then regretting it in a couple weeks. (red is not my color.) Print by Marisolspoon
With autumn comes halloween, and I love a good costume! Print by The Black Apple.
This is one of my little family's favorite Etsy stores of all time. We own several of Timberps tshirts and hoodies. My husband wears a green tshirt with this print on it when he's on tour and gets lots of compliments. I love the carmel color of this sweatshirt. It looks so cozy.
I love when it gets colder and the husband starts looking like a lumberjack. He's so cute! I need to get this brooch by Nanlawson and wear it to remind me of him when he's gone on tour.
Autumn is the time of year that I start knitting scarves while having Harry Potter marathons with the husband. (He can crochet and knit) I also like making pumpkin pancakes. Twinkiechan makes the cutest scarves and if I had a million dollars, I would buy one!

What are you loving this Autumn? Feel free to play along and support indie artists!


Tina Louise said...

I am in LOOOOOOOVE with your wall of yarn in the background! And I LOVE your pictures too!! I have a daughter who is a readhead so I adore that color hair. :)

C said...

Wall o' yarn! So cool! Also, I know what you mean about the red hair. Except I look pretty okay with it. Unfortunately, it's a pain to keep up with and I always regret having put my hair through that again.

kimi said...

absolutely love these pics...some of them are new to me and now on my wish list. you have wonderful taste!