Thursday, November 3, 2011

ModCloth: A Christmas Wishlist

Today the husband and I did a little Christmas shopping, which got me to thinking, 'what do I want for Christmas?' I am not hard to shop for, because I like everything. I started doing a little online window shopping, and it looks like it got out of hand...Check out some of my favs from ModCloth.

What do you want for Christmas?


Angie said...

So many lovelies! And oh gosh, my Christmas wistlist... It's usually pretty through the roof, simply because I am ALWAYS online window shopping. But my wishlist includes...

A ModCloth gift certificate (obviously too many lovelies to list in a comment)

A ThinkGeek gift certificate (same)

A little extra moolah so I could shop around Etsy

Prisma markers and/or pencils

A field journal/sketch book

A brand new, decent camera (by decent I mean: I can take macro shots, and the picture quality is pretty nice)

A bunch of new rolls of yarn in fun colors (I am in love with Stitch Nation - the yarn you sent me for my b-day is PERFECTION)

Scrapbooking stickers

And so. much. more. ^_^

Anonymous said...

that's pretty smart. now your hubby can find this blog post if he forgets (like mine surely would.) :)