Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly Inspiration

I've been super busy with work and life stuff, but I wanted to do a little post about what's inspiring me this week. 

Japanese fashion, always.

Healing crystals.

Serious faces.

Cute day planners.

Pink Hair.

Hello Kitty and gift wrapping.

Oversized Sweaters.

Fun Boots.

Inspiring Words to keep me going.

Purple Hairs. Tattoos. Bones.

Plaid. Skinny's. Boots. Hats.
Retro Sunnies.

Craftiness. Adventure Time.

What is inspiring you this week? 
I'm about to hang out with my husband, eat pizza and watch Glee.
Tomorrow I plan to get lots of work done, and hopefully add some stuffs to the Etsy store. 
Wish me luck!

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