Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why I Don't Like Going To Target

I recently went to Target for dog food and Halloween candy and came out with a bunch of Hello Kitty stuffs from the $1 bins and this stuff....
Most comfortable shoes ever!

I love this game and found this shirt in the guys section while looking for something for my husband.

I'm the girl who always shops in the little girls section. Don't hate, it's cuter and cheaper. I plan to never grow up.

That D-Signed stuff is super cute! Calleycakes thinks these could be a no, but we'll see if I can change her mind lol.

Sorry I've been a bit behind on blogging due to work, and wanting to catch up on some sleep. Soon I'll post some baby shower and Halloween pictures.


Melanie's Randomness said...

They have a Kingdom of Hearts shirt????? I must own it!! Yeahh Target is horrible with having too good things you can't resist. hehe. =)

Carrie said...

I am so glad that we don't have a target b/c I would spend my whole paycheck there... oh the Hello Kitty stuff gets me every time!

Aria Belle said...

And I am stuck working there! haha! Paul loves it right because we were remodel into the Pfresh Target, now selling produce and meat. I am always buying the last day meat and coming home with sirloin steaks for $3. Bargain! Woot!

And more horrible news... Gwen Stephanies LAMB mini-line is releasing Nov 13th at Target.

Kristin said...

That cardigan is to die for (but I'm easily a sucker for sweaters!). The girls department has some seriously cute stuff -- I just wish my chest could fit in it >.>

Mrs. Miller said...

when i was in dallas for 10 days i went to a target everyday that had groceries. it was awesome! they had the best edamame(sp?). i saw a few of the mini-line at our target with the luggage and i wish i had bought some of it. i will have to wait in the cold to get the clothes, the people here love target haha