Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Taco Tuesday Wednesday Style

I've been trying to squeeze in a taco tuesday blog, and I finally got it together! I've been working like a mad lady tying to figure out what to make/give for christmas, decorating, working, school stuffs, and just trying to get caught up on sleep and life stuff. I'm trying really hard to get organized, but I'm a hot mess lol...

1. I really like ashleyg's work. I would like for her to do a portrait of me and the mister soon!

2. I am in love with this wolfy tee from

3. These look easy to make and would be cute in my casa! Here is the link.

4. The mister and I went and saw this yesterday. It was super cute! We had gone and had margaritas before with dinner, and sorta both dozed off at the now we'll have to watch it again lol....but we both liked it!

5. I saw these poufik on etsy. I want to make some floor cushions because we are always sitting on the floor.

6. We have been playing on

7. I bought us some plain stockings and I hope we get around to decorating them. This stocking is amazing!

8. I saw this on etsy and almost died lol I love Mr. Darcy!
9. The power of felt! This is a super cute iphone case! You can find it on etsy.

10. Adorable pups with nerd glasses rock my world!

11. These shoes are so Jane Austen-ish! I love a cute ankle boot!

12. Who can resist a hoodie with cute ears?

13. This reminds me of a friend. I am hoping to get it for her for christmas!

14. This also reminds me of a friend! xo

Hope you have an awesome day! It snowed yesterday, hopefully I'll get around to posting the pics I took with my phone! Stay warm!

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GraphXGrrl said...

All of those things are super cute! And yes, those trees look pretty and easy to make. Good for some quick decorating. :)