Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas has come and gone...

I hope everyone had a merry christmas! I drove down to see my mom and sister after work on the 23rd, through crazy scary rain. Mom and I went shopping on xmas eve because I still had presents to buy. It snowed a ton up here, and C.cakes had to spend xmas eve with the puppies.
I slept in christmas day, then got up and watched the Disney parade, since I couldn't drive back because of the snow. But I am back home now, and not wanting to brave the icy roads to get to work...pooo...

Here are some pics from christmas so far:

Tree at my mom's house.

My lil sis, mom, and me.

Ash has one more month until Avery arrives.

I got mom a cross, b/c she likes crosses.

Ash and brandon with the cute family painting I made them. It is based on Elsie's pillow design.

Ash Being silly.

When I got home I played a little bit in the snow with the puppies.

Here are the cupcakes my mom got me for my birthday (which is the 31st) since I have to work and get no more days off....sad but true....

I missed Christmas with c.cakes family, and they are wanting to do it today, but we both have to work. So, we still have all their presents. I guess we'll just have a late christmas. I still need to get a few things, finish a few handmade presents and mail them off...but I am ready for a new year! I need to finish up my certification, and find a new job ASAP! But I'll do a post on new years resolutions/plans later! Happy Holidays!

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