Monday, December 28, 2009

There's Only Time for 10

1. So my birthday is in a couple of days, and I plan to eat as many cupcakes as I can!

2. I really want nail polish this color. I have a darker teal color, but this one is more subtle...

3. I heart pretty buttons, this makes me feel like reading Little House on the Prairie books.

5. One of my fav movies of all time!

6. I wish this was my room! I almost died when I saw the Silverchair poster on the wall, they are my fav band of all time!

7. Truthfully I am not sure who Alexa Chung is, but she dresses kinda like I do, so I like Her quote in whatever magazine this is, is I want those shoes!

8. If I could, and I might, I would build this escape in my backyard and spend all my time there!

9. I wish my closet was this organized...seriously

10. Today I went to KK's Craft mall with the intention of buying a knock off Chanel bag, but they only had a white one and it was $60. I'm sure in Mexico or China I can get one for $5...I have silly thoughts...

I do a 10 things I like right now post a lot, but Janel did one for today, so I am doing this in the spirit of her post. What 10 things do you think are beautiful or enjoy or just anything?

PS all images are from weheartit and i'm a sucker for cupcakes

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Miss Wanderlust said...

Awesome list!!! Love it ;)