Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taco Tuesday: To Do's and Weekend Pics

 Right now I am trying to remember my massive to do list, and not just my day job stuff. Sigh
It's getting to that time of the year where you get to see lots of my to do lists, because putting them on my blog helps me remember. I use like 3 day planners, a dry erase board, and my fancy phone and I still have issues. If you know of someone who wants to be a personal assistant who can live in a cupboard, enjoys homemade cupcakes and ice cream for dinner, can make a mean cup of coffee, and likes french and japanese music....let me know...

To Do:
1. Make diaper shower invites (including the design)
2. Find all my screenprinting supplies. 
3. Work on my dolls. (I'm behind schedule!)
4. Start on my next painting.
5. Scan in other paintings.
6. Start on my Christmas list. (this is epic b/c I like to make stuff for everyone)
7. Work on fall embroidery patterns for guest post.
8. Clean up 'the office' (my fabric stash has exploded!)
9. Put away laundry (so I can find something to wear!)

I might as well stop there....

 Here are a couple pictures from this weekend's road trip to visit my family.

 Me and my niece Avery. She's drinking an iced hot chocolate, that's probably bad for kids...

 A few vintage finds: Dooney bag, leather belt that says Charles, and Hawaii Tee.

Are you already thinking about Christmas? I always try and still end up last minute shopping...


Carrie said...

love the t-shirt! You better get started on the list its a big one ;)

Have a great day

Raeredfern said...

Wait! I love Icecream for Dinner! and Cupcakes! I can sing with Japanese music.
Haven't really heard any French music. I can make a good cup of Tea so I'll bet I could make good coffee too!

I fit half the qualifications for sure. :)