Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hipster Adventure

Today I headed out to the Miller Ranch. There was family and a little bit of adventure.

This is the tank, but I think it's more magical...

This old Chevy was parked out by a small house on the ranch.
Looking inside the window of the small house. There was a crazy old TV and some bees.

I saw this wicked tree as we passed by the blood hounds.

This guy was hanging out by another building full of history we explored.

Me & Vanessa down at the "tank".

We found a head dress that was made out of a Cat head. This is Crosby looking like a diva.

Channing is the cutest indian princess.

And well I just look like a little hipster lol.....

1 comment:

sukigirl said...

Cool ranch!
I'm still trying to understand about the headdress.
Is it made from a real cat's head?
Very strange...but cool.