Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life As We Know It

Today was the first time my sister in law, Vanessa, and I have ever hung out.
ate lunch at Whataburger w/ her daughter Channing.
went to the carwash.
listened to music i don't usually listen to (Kesha? I think there's a $ in there?)
went by Starbucks (mostly for me lol)
took Channing and her Girl Scout buddies to the Haunted Forest in Crosbyton (which doesn't have a Starbucks).
went to Target to get lotion and razors.
shaved our legs in the car. (bonding moment)
went to get pedicures (which is why we needed to shave our legs quickly).
got some awesome pedi's.
went to movies. We saw Life As We Know It. (really cute).
went to Wal-Mart.

It was a pretty productive and fun day, and we got to know each other better.
What did you do today?

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Brooke Ann Dove said...

Allowed Lifetime movies to suck 8 hours out of my day...and crocheted.