Sunday, October 31, 2010

That's What She Said Sunday

This is how I felt this morning. I was dreading going to work b/c things have been terrible. I won't go into details, because I can't, but its a very stressful situation. But I know thinking negative will only make it worse. So I put on the kettle to make some Lady Grey and coffee, and moved my coffee table, brushed the cobwebs off my yoga mat, and dusted off Yoga for Indie Rockers. My friend Brooke turned me on to this DVD a while back, but I had only done the beginners session like once. Today I told myself, this may be what the start of my day is missing so let do this! lol I really said that to myself. I really loved the workout (40 minutes), and the meditation at the end, and Chaos' words of wisdom really helped put my day into perspective. PS working out to awesome music always helps too!
How do you start your day?


Ashley said...

with avery pouncing on me

angelina la dawn said...

that's the thing i hate about workouts- the horrible music! i'll have to look this one up :)