Saturday, March 26, 2011

Keds Shoes: What Would You Choose?

One of the perks of getting an artist wrist band at SXSW this year was free swag (which I like to call stuff). Clint and I hit up the madness that was the American Apparel Flea Market, and I scored a card for a free pair of keds shoes. I just have to go to the website and pick out a pair. I definitely need some help deciding.
This green pair is part of their organic line.
I'm a big fan of this pair named for Austin. Or I thought I could just get a plain pair and paint them like I did my Toms. They had some really rad displays in Austin, but none of them are on their website. So head over to and tell me what shoes you like best! They are also having a contest, that I thought about entering....maybe you should too.

I found a few other Keds that I liked, and also found the ones from SXSW on the site. Here are a few more of my favs....
I ended up going for the leopard pair since I have been wanting them for a while now! I can't wait for them to get here!


Angela said...

I love those green keds! I'm going over to the website now and will comment again with my pick. ;)

Angela said...

Ooo, I like the Razzle Stretch Canvas!!! Black, hot pink and white are my shoe colors. I have a kickin' pair of Airspeeds with the same color theme!