Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Find Your Inner Rockstar

Today I woke up feeling like a rockstar(with that Ke$ha song Tik Toc stuck in my head) and wanted to inspire you to find your inner rockstar with some fashion DIY and hair product reviews.


I recently stumbled upon this amazing fashion blog Sincerely, Jules. Her post today inspired me to DIY some cut off boyfriend shorts. She has super amazing style, so check her out.

Another fun DIY comes from . It looks super fun and easy. Definately a look I would rock. Now I just need to hit up some thrift stores to find the perfect trench.

Product Reviews

I am a super huge fan of TIGI products. When I used to hair model for Toni & Guy, my stylist used their products in my hair and I love the smell and effects. I recently took this dry shampoo with me to SXSW and it was a lifesaver! I had been looking for a dry shampoo and the girls over at Mucho Bueno Bueno recommended TIGI. It has an awesome citrus smell and doesn't turn my hair all white and crazy like some other brands I've tried.
Yesterday I grabbed some TIGI Rockaholic Born To Rock Leave in Detangler. I am really bad about not brushing my hair and mostly because I have tangly hair, break brushes, and I like the natural waves my hair does if I don't. But somedays I need to get a brush through my crazy mane and it's just impossible. I can't wait to see what this stuff does. I'll update you guys with my progress and hopefully one less broken brush/comb.
What makes you feel like a rockstar?


Angela said...

Hmmm, a black shirt with blue jeans - bonus points if they're naturally hole-y in the knees!

Kick ass shoes, especially with pyramid studs.

My wife treating me like a Goddess.

Lady Gaga, Lesbian Death Bed, Tijuana Sweetheart and Green Day songs stuck in my head!

kimi said...

I love Tigi products. I have that dry shampoo, I also have a texturizer and something else. I will have to look at home. They work awesome!!