Friday, March 4, 2011

A Pint of Strawberry Ice Cream

I've recently been going to sleep to Pokemon 4ever. I haven't actually watched the movie so I don't know what don't ruin it for me.
Last night we watched the movie The Road. Don't do it, it's depressing.
The husband and I went and saw Gnomeo & Juliet, and it was super cute! Go see it!

I tried working out, that lasted a day. I'm just not super motivated.
My sister gave me some Nike's to work out in and I had to take them off half way through b/c they were super heavy. I put on my Tigers and felt much better. I want to try this hula hoop thing I've been seeing on the internet. Anyone else know about it or tried it yet?

I checked my mail yesterday and it was full of Rolling Stone magazines. Which is weird b/c I don't have a subscription. Some dude named Dwane McKinney, who obviously doesn't know his own address, is sorely missing his new Justin Beiber issue.

I ate a million Oreos and a pint of strawberry ice cream today....not kidding. I feel much better now.

What have you been up to? I've got a ton of blogs to get caught up on reading this weekend!


SeƱorita said...

Strawberry ice cream... Yum!!

Ashley said...

I liked the Road. My hubby hated it. It is pretty depressing, though. I can't wait until Gnomeo is out on blu ray so I can add it to the Netflix. YES!

I hate working out, too. It's really the pits. What is the hula hoop thing??